What is the Middle Matters series about?

The Middle Matters series explores concepts and insights shared by business leaders in Asia, passionate about building meaningful culture at hypergrowth organizations.

Why subscribe?

Fast growing, innovative companies are going through rapid change in Asia. We’re seeing new styles of leadership, approaches to building global workforces, and rethinking how culture is built.

We speak with pioneers in their fields across product, marketing, sales and engineering on how they have shaped their teams in a constantly iterating environment.

Who are we?

Hi there, I’m Will.

I'm the interviewer and writer for this series. I’m also the co-founder of NewCampus, a modern business school looking to upskill first-time managers at hypergrowth companies around the world. Our learners come from some of the most exciting scaleups such as Grab, Gojek and ClassPass.

Before that, I built QLC, a remote internship platform that partnered with universities across SE Asia, China and the Middle East.

Let’s chat!

I’m an open book, and would love to connect with anyone who shares our vision or passionate for the future of work and learning. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram or email will@newcampus.co